SPACEPORT SWEDEN – Earth/Sky Visitors Center


EXLINE worked closely with IDEAS Orlando in the creative concepting of a new visitor attraction for SPACEPORT SWEDEN, in the arctic town of Kiruna. Sited more than 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, this innovative visitor facility has been conceived as an anchor attraction for the ongoing development of Europe’s premier space research and exploration center in Kiruna, Sweden. The multi-storied structure will house interactive exhibits featuring educational and entertaining guest nodes where people of all ages and all cultural backgrounds can learn about Sweden’s commitment to manned exploration of outer space. The lower level houses the Earth Galleries where people can learn more about our planet and the indigenous Sami People of the region. The mezzanine level houses the Sky Galleries where exhibit subject matter focuses on the exploration of the cosmos. The grand finale is a roof-top, outdoor amphitheater specifically designed for spectacular viewing of the Aurora Borealis… a.k.a. the Northern Lights!

Exline Design & Architecture / Vimeo