Kiruna 4-ever – How to Move a City?

The challenge to relocate the city centre of Kiruna attracted architects from around the world. “Kiruna 4-ever” creates a sustainable vision for the long-term...

Auroras from Kiruna 2017

Auroras captured in Kiruna, Sweden on 2017-01-31. In order to connect the northern lights with the mysticism of the Sàmi people we have added...

Time för leverans i Svappavaara

Godzzzzet ska ut i alla väder Video/Facebook Jetpak Kiruna

Loreen Kirunafestivalen 2012 Euphoria

Video/Youtube lars-erik englund

Mr. Moon – Mando Diao @Kirunafestivalen 27.06.2015

Publicerades den 30 juni 2015 Mando Diao performing Mr. Moon at Kirunafestivalen 2015 in Kiruna/Sweden. Video/Youtube Dinki171
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